Why It Is That The Best Email Marketers Need List Verification

Why It Is That The Best Email Marketers Need List Verification
December 31, 2019 Marketing Sales

Your design looks amazing on any computer. The subject line is fascinating. That’s your call-to-action. But how will your subscribers see if you misspelt their email address in your database?

Even the strongest email advertisers battle invalid addresses. Whether through misspelt domains, malicious sign-ups, or a multitude of causes, invalid email addresses are a common challenge signalling poor hygiene in the list. Sending invalid contacts is harmful to your sender’s credibility, giving blacklists and mailbox providers a red flag as spammy actions. 

Moreover, many people make the mistake of trusting the wrong email finders just because they’re free, easy, and provide false results.

Confirmed-opt in (COI) is a prerequisite for any best-in-class sender and should be the first step to ensure real address selection. But some holes can impact your email program:

Stick with us to know how you can use email finders to speed boost your marketing campaign.

1.  Genuine customers miss COI email owing to typos in the signup

A user attempts to subscribe to your newsletter and wrongly types their email address. They’re not alerted (and don’t know they should get a confirmation email), so don’t worry about it. But they never hear from you.

Here’s the solution: Real-time email authentication inside your collection point alerts the user if they miss-typed their email address. The subscriber can fix this quickly before submitting their email address to receive the desired emails.

2. Your lists might go stale

From the very beginning, you used to double-opt-in and have never let an unconfirmed address in the past five years. With time, however, addresses are abandoned and eventually deactivated. Mailing to one-time addresses now harms your reputation and must be removed from future sending’s. This is especially problematic for occasional, rare senders who only check in intermittently with their subscribers (e.g. annual statements or seasonal mailers).

Confused? Here’s the solution: You can regularly upload your current email address with bulk verification, to check them all in a clear, easy and secure manner simultaneously. It allows you to clear your list until these addresses become a hard bounce – which may tarnish your credibility.

3. Fusions and personnel changes generate chaotic data

Big sales are recorded every week, and employee turnover will occur as often. When such scenarios occur, customers ‘ databases are merged and the quality of contact data might be lacking in knowledge. This means that your CRM’s hygiene is highly likely to be infiltrated with unknown or several years ago data.

We got your back with a solution right here: Once you hit any list that you weren’t 100% active in creating, it’s best to make sure the list includes only legitimate addresses. Bulk verification allows phone, email and physical address data to be verified and cleaned before being absorbed into your system.

4. You can edit your CRM data too

Everyone makes mistakes. For contact details editable within a CRM, anyone can enter or change an email address, and if you’re multi-tasking,’ gmaii.com ‘ looks close to the real thing. Moreover, anyone familiar with numerous CRM instances organizations knows the potential pitfalls of bad data this can bring.

Solution: With email verification built directly into your Salesforce CRM, you can ensure that email addresses are correct and up-to-date at the input. Users are warned when an address is invalid and can correct sales and marketing peace before hitting ‘ ok. ‘

Final Word

With each of the above remedies, Find Email Address helps legitimate marketers reduce their list of invalid addresses. We’re aiming to build a better business email finder and verifier. We recognise the strain-invalid email addresses on mailbox providers and the problems they present to senders. We are passionate about providing a product that helps reduce this burden by reducing sending unnecessary and unsolicited emails while allowing email marketers the ability to send to the highest possible quality list.

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