Why Are Email Follow Up Tools So Crucial

Why Are Email Follow Up Tools So Crucial
April 22, 2020 Marketing Sales

So many of our users seem to be using an e-mail and follow-up tool to automatically dispatch emails and track them.

Why are people using tools for follow-up?

Because this is an automated way to ensure that you gain their attention while controlling what is happening. It’s painful to send emails manually, not knowing who opened them, and feeling you’ve wasted a day. If you don’t send follow-ups you may lose 90 percent of your sales because people sometimes skip the first e-mail.

How do you react when you receive a sequence of emails from someone?

You ignore the first email. The second one annoys you. By the third, you begin to read what the person is saying. The fourth email is like “wow, this is one unrelenting guy,” which can make you google their business. You reply, either by the fourth or sixth or seventh email. You might just apologize and tell them that you are not interested,” but you read everything and checked whether it’s relevant. You might search the company and the person as well as look on Twitter to see if they are as crazy as they look.

The scary element of the follow-up is to ‘ press send ‘ and start the process. But once you’re done, it’s like “I’ve been crazy not to try this before.” If you know that your product is going to help them, spread the word.

What are the important parts of a follow-up tool?

  1. It sends emails.

Automatically sends the emails and follow-ups one by one, as if you were submitting them separately.

  1. Automated Follow-ups

Just set the number of days after which you want, and it’ll send a follow-up.

  1. Actively monitors opens

It detects a reply, informs you and stops sending automatic follow-ups. It also differentiates between replies sent from auto responders, forwards and replies from different email address.

For Example:

A company provides data security and finds the founder of a company to be the ideal contact person. You search, find and import email of companies and their relevant officials. For this purpose you can use https://findemailaddress.co/email-finder/ It is a perfect email address finder to search email address of companies. This email finder can find email address by just using the first name, last name and the company domain. After the email finder has done its task, you import 100 founder emails into the email follow-up tool. The tool will then take over, dispatch emails and follow ups three more emails until you get their attention.


It’s a bit crazy, not to use these tools, because while it may be good to send emails individually, automation reduces costs and improves performance. If we ask people which tools are used by them, it’s very rare that they don’t mention a follow up tool.

Persistently sending cold emails to prospects

This article has been added to help people who wonder how to send follow up emails. Okay, we don’t suggest you have to send as many as below, but that’s quite how we felt when we received several e-mails from a motivated guy over several weeks.

First email

“Who the hell is this guy? I don’t even know him. I am not going to read this mail.”

Second email

“I should just press the unsubscribe button.”

Third email:

“Damn this dude is very persistent. Although his product seems relevant, I am not going to open his mail.”

Fourth email:

“Let’s see who this person is. I should just run a quick google search.”

Fifth email:

“Really! This guy again. Man this guy is not going to stop. Silence is not an option. Let me just look at their website.”

Sixth email:

“Sam, check out this guy. I have taken a look at their website. These people look really determined.”

Lesson learnt. When the email is relevant to the sender, it’s worth tracking because the first email is not read correctly. They presume it’s just a spam and don’t concentrate on it. Moreover, in order to have a valid email so that your mail doesn’t end up in the spam folder, you need to use findemailaddress.co. This tool is used to find email addresses that are valid.

Although we are a company specializing in its ability to find business emails, we have been sending out emails. We ignorantly sent only one email thinking it was ideal, consequently, missing out on almost 80 percent of our clients. A business email finder like findemailaddress.co is an economical subscription-based tool that’s going to save you from the hassle of individually hunting email addresses. This tool is going to pull up the verified emails of your leads so that you can start targeting your prospects. You only have to craft a catchy email and the email finder will give you the address to dispatch your email.


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