The Best Email Finding Tools in 2020

The Best Email Finding Tools in 2020
July 4, 2020 Marketing Sales

E-mail is also a vital means of accessing and connecting today, what with social media and other emerging forms of getting in touch. You can expose yourself to a world of opportunities or even to new businesses – big or small – by sending a quick and easy email with any message for requests, advertisements, sales or other information. It is also easy to use and meet the user more efficiently and conveniently. Among the methods used to locate emails is to check quickly or to locate an email. We looked for some of the best and most popular email-finder software that people and businesses, in particular marketers, use to locate an email address of a person whether you met a potential business client or partner during a networking event or someone you are interested to talk to and have forgotten to contact.

Here are some software to find almost everyone’s email address that you could use in 2020.

We’ll open up our list with one of the best email finders that offers accurate results consistently. The advanced algorithms deployed in the product and the painstaking efforts of the development team speak for themselves when it comes to results. The tool provides 98 percent accurate results which none of the competitors can achieve. email finder also comes with an outstanding email verification feature. All you have to do is to paste the email address and click on verify. The verifier will then verify the email address and show you the status of the email address.


You can find confirmed email addresses with just 1 click of this Email Finder app. The process is as easy as the search for leads by the Sales Navigator, which allows you to look for the titles, business, location, size or other categories. Click on the LeadGibbon sidebar and generate verified e-mail addresses once you find what you need.

From your search you can export your information to Google Sheets, including the name of your individual, title, email address, business, locations, industries, and more.

The method of searching is made possible due to the extension of LeadGibbon, a massive database that provides the best match (shown in purple, which is 99% likely), as well as a yellow check mark when it is 75% right.

This software can extract unlimited lead records via the sales navigator, so that in real-time you have everything you need, and more, in addition to sending your emails from the sales navigator.

You can send emails at the checked addresses from the search process, and get connected with your loads by using the default mail app and opens the composite window. It’s available only for Google Chrome, though, and only recognizes and provides users with business mail addresses so that you can’t use your personal email addresses.

You can save an unlimited number of emails, but only your plan of subscription is available, while your daily visit of profiles in the Sales Navigator will depend on your account type. The number of emails you find is not always limited.


FindThat Email is defined as the yellow email pages because it is simple to use. You only need to enter the full name and e-mail domain of the person to find a specific e-mail and you are good to go. The service has its own Chrome extension, and emails from different social networks can be found with this extension.

Another major feature is an email-finding device for multiple names, companies and domains, to search for email addresses. Email verification functionality is also available, so you’ll still be sure to find the correct email.

This service works fully with over 500 online applications with Zapier. It is worth mentioning. FindThat. Email is actually a fantastic service, and you can try it for free, but you will have to buy a subscription plan if you want to continue using it.


This is a powerful little email finder that works with Gmail and has a Chrome extension. Once installed, even by typing the email into the field, you can open a compose window then send the email back in real time. On the right side of the window are displayed the active email addresses linked to LinkedIn profiles. Although this tool does not show suggested e-mail addresses, it will recommend e-mail addresses not necessarily linked to social data such as Then it can be ticked into the Compose Message To field of a new gmail. It can also show a reply to validate the function. It is most definitely not true if nothing appears in the right column. The benefits of Rapportive are that you can use LinkedIn as an additional tool if you know which person you want to meet. The drawback is that Gmail functions only.


This program for Email Finder is not only fast, but also personal, and gives your fingertips professional contact details. With the Chrome extension, the profile is filled with direct communications, such as phone numbers and emails. You will locate and reach out to the right candidates with Lusha straight away. It is an efficient way to connect, since it saves time and resources and increases your commitment by providing you with all the necessary information in one click.

The most difficult commitments are outbound, since the appropriate contact information and a valid opening statement are required, but this tool will allow you to become successful quickly. It shows you your guidelines and candidates so that you can understand them and connect with them easily. Through adding premium contact and client details from your salesforce account, you can further improve your salesforce leads effortlessly through converting leads faster.

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