The 21 Best Marketing Automation Blogs Marketing

The 21 Best Marketing Automation Blogs Marketing
April 16, 2020 Marketing Sales

You will find marketing blogs that will inspire you to proceed with your game if you are in digital marketing.

You should know that there are thousands of online marketing blogs out there, and advertisers and businesses find and read the right ones overwhelmingly.

Yet for you, I did all the heavy lifts. If you follow and read the following blogs regularly, your knowledge, your understanding and belief will take hold, and your company will float.

It’s about time you stay updated in the marketing industry around the world for all that happens.

Here is a list of the best blogs you can read and learn from in the field of marketing.

  1. Unbounce

Unbounce is the official Unbounce blog and is a marketing platform for the development, conversion, integration and optimization of landing pages.

The blog covers subjects concerning landing pages and the optimization of conversions. It publishes scientifically validated tips on landing pages and best practices.

If you still have had a hard time building landing pages that convert and do the job, Unbounce blog is where all the answers are to be found.

22 Painfully Frank Landing Page Critics is my first Unbounce blog post criticizing 22 landing pages and explaining how it can be fixed and incorrect.

  1. Copyblogger

Will you have problems with copy and web marketing? The position you will be is copyblogger.

The two big guns behind the blog are Brian Clark and Sonia Simone. You will learn the best copywriting ideas, tips and techniques to make your copywriter and blogger better.

The last copy checklist: 51 questions to automate each object in your online copy is my favorite article from Copyblogger. This article makes you happier than you are. This article makes you better.

  1. QuickSprout

The QuickSprout is Neil Patel’s marketing blog, which contains guides and tips on digital marketing with focus on increasing traffic. I’m sure you will never have to struggle again for web traffic if you read QuickSprout faithfully.

The Beginners Guides to Online Marketing are my favorite post. The guide should be more than appropriate if you haven’t read something online marketing.

  1. Marie Forleo

As a marketer, often you need a specialist’s inspiration or guidance. Marie Forleo is the blog that offers you ideas and tools to make your life better.

From this vlog let’s continue your trip with Marie: what to do if you feel useless and alone.

  1. Mirasee

Mirasee’s a Danny Iny company. Mirasee aims to provide organizations with tools and training to influence their market and change the world.

You’re going to find this on their blog exactly. This addresses subjects from corporations to civic engagement, digital marketing, case studies and more.

My favorite guide is the inspiring 10 debt lessons to seven figures. You won’t earn exactly seven figures, but the lessons you know will change how you do business and make a profit.

  1. HubSpot

Marketing without HubSpot tends to be incomplete. They have a huge marketing and sales page, where you can find blog posts with details, case studies, models, guides, expert reviews and all the knowledge you need about inbound marketing.

You can probably find it at HubSpot if you can’t find it somewhere else on the network.

Inbound 2016 is my favorite HubSpot report which shares millions of data and details.

  1. John Doherty

This blog is written by the investor, marketer and leading consultant John Doherty. John writes primarily on the marketing of SEO and content. Some of the great things about this blog is that you can find interesting case studies from across the world and the great content. John reads, summarizes and shares with his subscribers every week the best marketing material.

  1. Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

CMI is a content marketer, contractor, author and spokesperson founded by JOE Pulizzi. The CMI publishes new content strategy posts and copywriting on a regular basis. Not only can you find information and models on content marketing, you can also learn about news and activities in content marketing.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is not only an interesting social media device, it’s even better for your blog. You’ll find posts on social media marketing, digital marketing, case analysis and news and developments on the Buffer blog. The true beauty of the Buffer blog is its detailed and comprehensive blog posts covering every topic in extensive detail.

  1. Econsultancy

Econsultancy is a blog focused on e-commerce data that publishes marketing and analytical content. It publishes marketing and e-commerce figures and opinions. Econsulting is your best bet if you want to know more about ecommerce.

  1. BigCommerce

You’ll find some of the best and latest material on eCommerce in BigCommerce. The blog frequently covers topics related to ecommerce, ecommerce architecture, payment processors, shipping and execution, ecommerce commercialization and more. If you want to stay up to date with what is going on in the e-commerce industry, please follow the blog from BigCommerce.


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