Seven Tested Email Collection Strategies For Improving Your Business In No Time

Seven Tested Email Collection Strategies For Improving Your Business In No Time
December 27, 2019 Marketing Sales

Email marketing is online marketing’s most personal type. Social media feeds are cluttered with baby photos, vine updates, and baking recipes from their aunt. They don’t monitor their social feeds, but they do with their messages. Most people, particularly professionals, control their inbox content. Gathering your client’s legitimate email addresses must be a key policy, particularly in sales. So, let’s continue email collection strategies without haste!

Here are some tested strategies

  1. Using your website landing pages

Collecting email addresses is the first low hanging fruit you need to pluck. Extracting email addresses on the website the users land is always a good idea. What if the user is persuaded even before they click on your link? Maybe they’ve seen a guest post on an authority blog, or they’ve seen a Quora review on your site. What are you doing? You should put a lead magnet capture method to obtain email addresses. Optimizing this behavior and holding the choice within the user’s periphery is critical.

Here’s an Example

Backlinko’s homepage has a simple right form that encourages the user to sign-up.

  1. Exit Pop-ups

Exit Goal Pop-ups have been on websites for a few brief seconds stopping users. Yet why are they still there, if many marketers find them annoying? But first, what’s it?

They’re popups that appear when you’re looking to close the window.

An Exit Purpose pop-up is one of the best email address selection techniques available. Say you’re entering a luxury bakery, and you either find it pricey or are about to leave. Just then, a service provider stops you and offers you a discount on one of the doughnuts. You’ll probably go and give them the company. With the right value, you will obtain your email address.

Here’s an Example

On the Hubspot Blog, when you close the window, you get a popup exactly like the one below. We encourage you to subscribe and say that 300,000 subscribers already live, and you should do so too. The 300,000 works as evidence.

  1. Use Blog Post

An effective place to gather email addresses that many businesses overlook is inside a blog post. Creating a beautiful blog post filled with information and appealing to the user is when it’s good to ask for the user’s email. They’ve seen something they like and want to hear more.

Here’s an Example

Backlinko does this really well, adding a gift to the message. In reality, he makes it even more tempting by saying there are extra tips in the giveaway that aren’t in the message.


There is something about e-books that people want to get hold of. E-books that are extremely well packed and guarantee reader perspectives and information is a fast e-mail selection tool.

Here’s an Example

They used the Exit-popup in Unbounce to let their users download the free e-book on ‘ Project for Conversion. ‘ Using exit popups paired with a book pledge allows it an easier move to collect email addresses.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an important email collection tool, but only for serious marketers. It’s easy to lose lots of money without hurting Facebook. If you’re wondering how to collect Facebook email addresses, you need a lead generation plan. You give a free course, a free e-book, or a free consultation for lucky winners. You’ll need to get your value proposition right. The next major step is’ Targeting.’ You can’t cover ad-bomb apps, you’re going to get nothing. You need to go into the power editor and target the users based on demographics, job titles, age, business they’re working on and more.

Here’s an Example

Digital Deepak has a simple example of using Facebook ads to drive traffic to its homepage and collect emails. He checks A / B’s landing page, Facebook advertisements, target audience, and raises ad spending on ads that work.

  1. CTA in Your Social Media Bios

It’s a simple tip, but many marketers forget it. Putting the right Action Call on all social media data pages is a simple but effective step.

Here’s an Example

A perfect example of a strong call to action is using the “Sign-up” CTA on the Facebook Buffer tab.

  1. CTA in Your Linkedin/Medium Posts

Typically speaking, all company tales have the emotional side. It’s high-performing content, humanizing the brand, which certainly makes prospects warmer. Great place to collect email addresses.

Here’s an Example

A good example for this is using Ali Mese’s CTA. He images his subscription section from his Medium Post website. This is a wonderful call.

  1. Building a tool

Some of recent successful email collection patterns was devices. Devices that are free and add value to the user brought a lot of traffic. One way to improve the email collection rate is to increase your traffic.

Here’s an Example

Crew is a company that helps you find designers and developers to revive your project. They accidentally created a side-project that became a huge lead-generation tool for starting up. And they continued to develop other simple tools that generated a lot of traffic from them, helping them collect email addresses.

Some other ways

Having emails for ads is one thing, but sales are totally different. Recently, I read a Quora comment that said, the number one rule to be the best seller is to get swift no. You don’t end up wasting time on people who want nothing to do with you. Sales isn’t about pressuring people to get your stuff; it’s about standing up to people who are most likely to benefit from your service.

So, when you get short no’s, you run out of prospects and need a pipeline of new prospects and their email addresses and that’s where Find Email Address helps.

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