LinkedIn’s entire social structure is built upon the concept of extending one’s network. It’s not only about getting in touch with everyone you know personally / professionally, but it’s also a way to promote yourself to the biggest CEOs and businessmen.

Sharing his contact details and email address on LinkedIn and other social media sites is simple for a common man but for public figures / people holding high positions in their business, it’s a lot of headache.

Thus, seeking a way out to retrieve the LinkedIn email address and contact information of those top-level personalities becomes a requirement. This article describes some of the amazing strategies for collecting emails from public figures / personalities’ LinkedIn profiles.

Let’s talk about some of them: make some extra effort to get the information of contact. The first and the nascent move would always be to submit a request for a connection, but the answers to these questions should be known.

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  1. Does this person have a blog / website?
  2. Did he share his Social Media Account link?

People use LinkedIn either for marketing or for job searching. Businessman usually has their own websites and blogs for selling their product. Thus you can hop to their blog / website via LinkedIn search and get the email address. It is one of the fastest ways to get the LinkedIn addresses.

Patience is required.

Look around the market and you’ll find lots of email extractors that will produce the exact results in split seconds! Those plugins have a database of millions of confirmed individuals using LinkedIn. Below are some of these tools:


AeroLeads is one of the most popular API software tools with lead generation available on the internet. It allows users to find comprehensive contact details for prospects in real time, including their company name, personal email address, and other relevant contact information, which mostly helps you locate LinkedIn emails.

The best benefit of using AeroLeads API or Chrome Extention to retrieve the email address is that it works with some of the best CRM software tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier and more. It also openly verifies the extracted emails.

You can add your prospect to the AeroLeads API directly from LinkedIn (you can also add prospects from numerous other sites such as CrunchBase, AngelList and more).

Meanwhile, AeroLeads can look at different databases, data suppliers, APIS reports, company websites, etc. and find the truth in the background with a lot of heavy lifting work. AeroLeads will thus aid you in the hunt for any LinkedIn email address.

  • Once you register, you’ll be able to navigate to the rest of the site. You will be able to add prospects from LinkedIn and numerous other sites, including CrunchBase, Inbound, once you make the entire setup. Com, AngelList, GitHub etc and so on.
  • Use the free email verification tool to validate your acquired email list after extracting email addresses
  • Click to get the full details and learn how to automatically create an email address list using AeroLead

Browse the Linkedin Profile

Send a link request to the user. It has been noticed that people support the link requests even if they don’t know you! If the individual is already your relation, it’s a win-win situation already. You just need to open his / her LinkedIn Profile and click on “Contact Info”.

email address finder - LinkedIn contact info

Click it and this will show all the information the person has filled:

LinkedIn email finder

More often than not, you will find such information filled because people frequently share these details. Know that the key goal behind LinkedIn is to communicate with professionals around the different arena. This is the most growing form of finding emails from LinkedIn.

But this approach is unclear, not to mention difficult to achieve as one attempts to attain bulk emails. In fact, it’s got an abysmal success rate. Come to think about it, what are the chances of someone adding their contact information to their LinkedIn account?


This email finder has its own chrome extension where you’ll get you from their respective LinkedIn profiles as desired emails from your prospects. Additionally, their tool comes with a special function of showing percentage accuracy beside each email id so you can quickly sort out fake and genuine emails. is another fantastic email-finder method for finding LinkedIn emails. This also has a chrome extension which provides email addresses from the LinkedIn profile to your prospect. Visit the LinkedIn profile of your prospect once you have installed the tool and you will see a new option, ‘Get Email.’ The platform interacts with critical CRMs such as Zoho, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.


SalesQL is the free and fastest email finder tool that delivers great quantity of quality information. This removes both corporate and personal emails from LinkedIn. SalesQL comes with a built-in classifier that indicates what sort of email you’re watching.

It also has Contact Manager which includes details of your prospect (name, occupation, past experience, skills, business, touch, etc.). The app is able to store contacts and organize them into lists. With 100 free credits per month SalesQL comes with. is an email finder that can boost your email marketing by providing you the verified email addresses of your prospects. It has an email finder that can confirm whether an email is valid or not. It saves your Ip from getting blacklisted.

This email finder needs the first, last name and company domain of your prospect which you can get from linkedin. Once you enter the information, the Email finder domain will search the email addresses. You can then use these email addresses to roll out your cold emails.