This post will show you how to search email addresses for cold calling. Request e-mails by name, title, business, place, etc. The trick is to find an e-mail address with the name, so you can warm up the connection before you make a cold call! Cold Calling has long been around and has a deservingly poor reputation.

However, this is not precisely the case with this new technology for e-mail outreach. Here’s an example of how you can find someone’s email address using the latest lookup technology.

Jane Smith, sales icon, recently shared a cold email that grabbed her attention… Some people check their e-mails quickly in the morning to find important messages. I typically browse by the name of the sender. Here is a mail she noticed, not recognizing, so she searched the subject. Subject: ideas for cold prospecting? She was interested in the subject, so she decided to open. A short text followed: in an article I read on a sales page, I heard about your consulting practice. I’m investigating and I want to ask you a couple of quick questions:

  1. Have you ever heard of cold e-mail as a prospecting strategy as a sales consultant?
  2. Did you think it is a good prospecting strategy after reading (link to the post)?

It attracted her. She was involved.  He didn’t waste time pitching anything. He just began a fascinating conversation about something she needed. He didn’t spend time speaking about himself or his business. A full email signature with links was included, so she could check them for herself. She replied and took the discussion offline. A sales possibility has been generated .If he did the same thing with the telephone or by leaving a voicemail, would she have answered? No.

Cold email is an overlooked way of generating leads. Some people are skeptical because they assume it is spam. But you must be careful. You should only message people interested in your product. Here are some ways to find email address that you need to kick-start your cold calling campaign.

Search Patterns:

Many organizations follow a pattern for all email addresses. This implies that it’s relatively easy to guess the e-mail address if you know the name of the person you want to contact. Most e-mail addresses consist of a variation of the name or initials of the prospects.

In addition, you may use a tool for listing all combinations for a certain email address, like the Email Permutation. Only enter the first and last name of the lead and the domain of the company and the software will create any combination. It usually leads to 30 various combinations which could be checked until the correct one has been identified.

Use Contact Option:

If you’re unable to find the email address of your potential lead but you have access to the general email address on the domain of the company (like, write to that address and ask for the email address of the person with whom you want to connect.

Such e-mail addresses are most often managed by support staff, most of whom will be pleased to connect you.

Find the prospect on twitter:

Twitter is another great way to find an email address for someone. Users include in their profile their email address. Nevertheless, they won’t list their entire address to prevent spam bots.

In most cases the @ symbol is replaced by “at,” and the dots are replaced by the actual term “dot”. You can benefit from this by using advanced Twitter search.

Go to the advanced Twitter search and look for “e-mail” and “at” in your target profiles. You can also contact the individual on Twitter and ask for their email address. Most individuals will be glad to give it, provided that you have something reasonable to offer.

Use LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is among the easiest ways to find an email address for someone, almost all business professionals now have a profile and you can find it all with one search. You can identify segmented leads by

  • Job description: I just want people who are marketing vice president.
  • Area: I just want people in Manhattan.
  • Sector: I only want people in the car industry.
  • Company Size: I only want people from a company which has 20+ employees.

The prospects for sales are limitless! Keep in mind: The option of the list you will use is the most major decision you can make in this whole process. It doesn’t make any difference how you do it all if you work with a weary, exhaustive list of people who don’t have an interest in what you sell.

In reality, the most important element in marketing is always…

How effectively you Approach Your Prospects!

The secretary will not buy your program no matter how good it is, no matter how strong the pitch is. You must aim for the right person! It is the reliability of the list you use and the content of your message that really decides whether your marketing strategy works or fails.

Use email Finder:

Instead of going all this hassle, just get an anymail finder. To use these tools, all you need is the first name, last name and the name of the company domain. Just enter these things and the tool will pull up the verified email for you. is one such tool. This tool also comes up with a bulk email finder feature. Moreover, if you have a list of email of companies, you can use it to verify them. You can find business email address using this tool and then start mailing those verified prospects.

Last word

We hope this article helped you in your quest for email addresses. After you’re done with this step, compose an eye-catching email with a great pitch so that it attracts immediate attention of the prospect.