In our previous post, we discussed some of the best email finder tools available in the market that can help you kick-start your email marketing campaign. In this article, we are going to build on that and discuss some other email finders that you may also find useful.


VoilaNorbert allows users to find every first and last name corporate email address and the domain of the client, with only identified email addresses paying credits. The tool also sends the mail server a signal for checking email addresses. Norbert is designed to be a helpful assistant and is fairly easy to use without downloading a plugin. Users can find emails while browsing the web with the Chrome extension. The email finder also provides a means to use data to enrich contacts and provide a better context for leads.

Overall, VoilaNorbert is an important and easy-to-use tool to locate and check qualified email addresses. However, the number of requests that you can make is limited due to VoilaNorbert not checking for catch-all email addresses and avoiding the SMTP servers blocking the service.

The tool is user-friendly and shows precise results, providing the company with a success rate of up to 98%.

Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider is a easy but extremely useful tool for finding emails and prospecting sales. To use the tool all you need is to go to a company site and click on the extension.

Datanyze Insider also displays you important business information along with its email finder service, such as contact details, position, revenue back, number of employees and more. This also lets users build lists of highly targeted prospects.

One of the best free tools to locate emails when browsing social media platforms, Datanyze allows you to simply highlight the name of a person, and to find the email right-click. Results are also seen on a level of trust.

Datanyze Insider provides even more detail than other resources for locating e-mails. Along with its easy-to-use email finding features, the tool also provides businesses with many different data points in a matter of seconds. That makes the tool even more valuable to businesses.

One of Datanyze Insider’s best things about this is its free tools, including the Chrome extension. Using the app, you can find contact info from both client websites and social media with just the click of a button. Some user reviews have reported that it doesn’t operate on every website, or that certain websites have no connections with it.


ContactOut is mainly used by recruiters around the globe to find email addresses for potential candidates. The platform provides LinkedIn with an easy-to-use extension and claims 97 per cent accuracy for the email addresses it detects.

ContactOut can also include telephone numbers and personal email addresses, in addition to providing technical email addresses for prospects. The triple tool verifies email addresses and claims that it can have “65 percent of the western world” personal email addresses.

ContactOut is an effective and straightforward web browser extension that delivers a mix of professional and personal emails. The tool just takes a moment to set up, and provides an simple way to save and export profiles to Google Sheets.

ContactOut is a powerful tool, but it also offers maybe too much information for prospecting purposes, forcing users to search through the information contained in their Google Sheets. There’s still no option for bulk imports.


FindEmails, previously known as Toofr, is a combined email finder and email verification service which provides detailed scoring. Users may search for email addresses either with an extension to a web browser or through

Rather than relying on LinkedIn or internal databases to locate email addresses, the tool uses its own technology in just one step to search for and validate email addresses. Find Emails also provides curated email contacts which can be used to create mailing lists.

FindEmails is perfect for those who are looking for a great mix of functionality, precision and quality. It lacks certain additional features that are provided by others on this list, such as integrations with other applications. The tool offers Chrome an extension that helps to find email addresses directly on the web page, thus speeding up prospecting work.

Some users enjoy the time FindEmails saves, although it should make use of some enhancements, and often too many email recommendations associated with social media accounts are received. Ultimately, the tool is a simple and efficient email locating tool that can help locate a company domain from its name alone and save more time.


In a matter of seconds, Lusha helps advertisers, recruiters and sales representatives find contact details for a individual, specifically their email address and phone number. Whereas other email finding tools try to find professional email addresses, Lusha focuses on personal addresses which help recruiters in particular.

Lusha remains a valuable and effective resource for marketers and sales representatives as well, making it easier for them to access contact information for prospective sales leads, making the process of communicating to and converting leads a more productive operation.

The Lusha Chrome extension is an easy-to-use application that fits well for both Twitter and LinkedIn. For those users who are more technically qualified, an API version of the tool is also available which allows Lush to find contact details from other online sources.

This email finder claims to increase your lead accuracy ten times which is a great achievement. If you’re about to launch your email marketing campaign, this tool is a must have as it will increase your chances of getting leads manifold. Not only does this email finder work with linkedin, it also has an email verifier that runs validation algorithms and provides you with verified email addresses. The verification process provides you with the confidence to reach out your prospects without the risk of getting your IP blacklisted.

Moreover, Email Finder by company also offers a feature to get email addresses in bulk with just uploading a CSV file with the required data. The email finder will provide you with the list of the email addresses you are looking for. In short, this email finder is the best choice for you.