If you’re marketing, you’re sure to do email marketing, mainly because it’s crazily effective. Statistics indicate that email marketing is worth about $44 for every $1 you spend on it, and that’s something you should remember.

An email marketing list lies at the core of any email marketing campaign. Indeed, for your smartly crafted content to be distributed, you need the list of email accounts to send your messages. The million-dollar question comes up here – how do you gather email addresses? And how do they keep your email list up-to – date, because without it you would lose about 22 per cent of contacts for each year that passes?

Indeed, some of the subscribers opt-out, some workers change, their company emails are inactive, and some email providers change. In other words, to keep your marketing strategies successful, you should continually do email collection and broaden your email list. Yet how is it possible for you? This is what I will be addressing in this post.

Effective inbound e-mail address collection activities

It is possible to use such inbound practices to create an email list and I have chosen the ten most popular ones to share with you today.

Creating Lead Magnet

Accept the fact that no one would send you their email addresses simply because of this. People are pretty protective of their email addresses, so you need to give them a good reason to share with you. For this, are lead magnets.

In exchange for their contact details, primarily email addresses, a lead magnet is an incentive you offer to potential leads. You need to think of something of a certain value to your visitors to create a lead magnet which can persuade them to share their emails. Your company style will give you a preview of what you can sell.

Which lead magnets are the most effective?

  • If you are in the retail business, you can give a discount on the customer’s first purchase after subscription. You may find free delivery, as an alternative.
  • If your company is study or review your lead magnet can be a full text of your reports that you are offering to access from your registered users.
  • Fitness and dietary businesses also sell meal or workout schedules that are delivered via email.
  • Companies involved in software development can use free trials as lead magnets.

Okay, you have the idea. There are however certain guidelines to obey when designing your lead magnets and putting them to work for you. Your bid should be: To be truly successful.

  • Of a real value which the consumer can see right away.
  • The moment your visitor subscribes you should provide the incentive.
  • Clear and strong. Often state the bid in very clear terms, so you can see the advantages for the customer.
  • A true problem solver. Try to offer your customers something they need.

Promote Sharing

You can use current subscribers to help you extend your mailing list. Add your emails with a “Forward to a Buddy” click, and your customers will begin to carry you the leads. The emails would of course be worth sharing offers and welcome emails.

That tactic increases trust in your brand. When people receive your email from your company not directly but from someone they know, they are more positive about your product.

Alternatively, you can request referrals from your customers by offering some advantages both to them and to the friends to whom they refer you.

Another helpful technique is formatting your company email signatures to provide links to your subscription. This way, the recipients will have the ability to subscribe to your content by including their email addresses while emailing your employees.

Include CTAs in blogs

Another way to make your email list expand is via your blog. A blog post is a fantastic tool for putting different calls-to – action (CTAs) so why not make one of them “Subscribe?”

People who visit your blog and are interested enough to read the posts may want to continue to follow your content. Give them this opportunity at the end of each message, with a “Subscribe” connection or click.

A good practice is to target the CTAs with respect to your business, depending on your reader’s status. It will make no sense to offer a subscription to people who have already subscribed, will it? Rather, suggest that they share the post.

However, offer an option for first time visitors to subscribe to your blog to see other interesting, useful material. However, try not to be too intrusive – ask only for what you need. Ask for email addresses if you need them, nothing else.

And another more thing – you should have some nice content there to make tourists want to subscribe to.

Add extra content in your blog

The type of content that we will be addressing now is also called “gated content,” which is the content that is only available after subscription. Visitors to the website are asked to fill out a subscription form (almost always, containing only one field – email) which allows them to view, play, or download further content.

Don’t be careful about using gated content – 80 per cent of the total amount of B2B content is gated according to statistics. You have probably seen registration forms pop up if you want to see a summary or a sample of the product. That’s to you gated stuff.

Of course you should portray an engaging introduction to how much they can expect after subscription to make your visitors want to subscribe. Set up a brief overview highlighting the key points in your content, and place it next to a registration form on your website. If your visitors are sufficiently interested they subscribe to see the whole.

If you have considered influencer marketing in the past but couldn’t warrant the budget, consider a micro-influencer who can be as much as 10x cheaper than a similar celebrity endorsement. The contact details of such influencers are much easier to find than your big shot celebrities: most of the time you’ll be able to find their email using a handy email address finder extension on their website (if they have one) or even on their professional social profile. Contacting micro influencers is easy and the payoff is great, so give it a try!