A Comparison Of Top Email Finders And Their Performance

A Comparison Of Top Email Finders And Their Performance
June 3, 2020 Marketing Sales

When seeking outbound marketing / cold emails, it’s completely important to know the correct email addresses of your prospects. You can find several different resources by using Google’s “e-mail finder.” All services claim to provide you with checked e-mails for any domain of your choosing.

I had broken down a list of some 18,000 possibilities for my event. I decided to contact the sales or marketing officer of the businesses in question and (the best option) to get their name and surname to make my cold e-mail more personalized.

I was totally shocked by the variety and often the unusual nature of the results I had (or no results at all) by conducting random experiments with different email finder tools included in some blog posts. In addition, there are a number of blog posts collecting service lists of this sort, but I did not find any credible and unbiased article comparing the quality of these resources in depth. I therefore decided to change it.

How did I judge it?

I want to concentrate on the accuracy of e-mails (are they validated? How many e-mails were found) by writing this specific post? The second consideration is that the tools (name, title, work location, linkedIn profile) give you additional useful data. These are perhaps the most important ones for me. Price is the third aspect I find most. The fourth is an API access or a minimum choice to download CSV / Excel files with domains due to the broad variety of databases. Fifthly, there are other beneficial tools.

Certain variables like chrome upgrades, team choices, or general user interfaces are included in my “general ranking,” but in the final evaluation their “weight” is low.

I picked 5 very unknown random websites and 5 more well-known brands on the market for at least 3 years from my list to check the consistency. Then I just reviewed each tool’s results. Just like that, however, as you can see in a moment, often these findings are inacceptable and almost remove the device from practical use.


Many other resources are included in the Subscription Program than E-mail Finder software (which I did not test). The first one is called ’email, telephone & social media extraction from a list of sites.’ I concentrated on 2 of them, which would suit me. It’s good that they try to return a company URL profile (1 positive result), telephone and many more stuff, but the results are awful when it comes to e-mail addresses. They sent me an e-mail exactly to jane@example.com as a company e-mail to one of the checked domains!

A full list of domains is imported in the second checked tool and XLS can be accessed a few minutes later with the tests – no API access. This time I got 40 results with loads of useful details – job title, business name, city of enterprise, e-mail address, email, surname and sometimes even your personal e-mail address.

They don’t have an e-mail validation tool, sadly. In order to verify if such e-mails are legitimate, I will access and visit the competition. The majority – isn’t. Only 16 e-mails are legitimate after verification, and 12 e-mails are from a single domain.

snovio.io review

This time, I did make the file from XLS to CSV and it works! I didn’t give up. It tried again! Pretty straightforward results – e-mails are well prepared directly from the snovio.io service to start a drop campaign. The amounts and the content of the e-mails received were fantastic + based on the type of e-mail, which displayed the names of individuals. Really good!

Then I tested their “find outlook” option-it functions like an email finder, but filtered emails by position this time-for example just those people who have a job position with a “marketing” and “sales” word. It’s perfect for my target. It gives fewer results but my needs are more precise.

In the matter of pricing, I’ve used 21 credits to find e-mails + verification. Therefore, snovio.io will charge me at least $199 to search out (find + verify) 18,000 domains. I also have some additional tools to run (not tested) Chrome extension and e-mail drips, which makes them a powerful player on my tool list.

mails.wtf review

In order to locate e-mails, this tool has to enter the domain names, username and website URLs. It isn’t suited to my needs, so I tried it anyway, and it seems it doesn’t work. It just works. Perhaps other technological issues – I don’t know. they have some technical problems.

Everything I try to find (I have tried different terms, domains combinations) – they aren’t tests. I can’t do any analysis therefore.

Findemailaddress.co review

When I perceive the findings obtained on this website correctly, they stand out in the way of data collection and analysis from the competition. Compared to competition, the findings from Findeamiladdress.co are excellent – 194 emails have been found! More interestingly, all those e-mails come from only three fields. The email finder linkedin can use to get your email address,

In the Findemailaddress.co program, I added all of those prospects to the private list. Fortunately, emails will be reviewed automatically. You and the email seeker have a checker. The email addresses searched by this tool are mostly accurate and it provides 98 percent accuracy which just speaks for itself. This email finder can use gmail to find emails.


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